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Colorful, confident creativity in the Pacific Northwest.

In Seattle, WA you’ll find an up-and-coming artist named Mimi Kvinge. But there’s also a good chance you won’t find her as there’s a good chance Mimi is in the mountains, seeking inspiration and recharging her spiritual batteries. Mimi’s underdog attitude and focus on the process of her artwork has propelled her towards becoming a prominent figure among the outdoor community.

Mimi Kvinge, formerly known as “Annemarie”, is the daughter of two ex-ski bums. Through them, the Seattle-based artist developed both a strong work ethic and a love for the outdoors that has influenced her everyday life ever since. A self-taught artist, Mimi, fell into the traditional thinking that you go to college, you graduate, and you work in the discipline that you studied. Majoring in psychology, she worked with mentally ill children out of college. Although she enjoyed working with children and the comfort that came along with a high-paying job, she felt a burning desire to pursue her love for art full-time. One day, that desire burned so hot that she quit her job to pursue a life in artistry–a true testament to her risk-taking attitude.

Her dad, an Alaskan commercial fisherman, was a stranger to the typical 9-5 work schedule. Growing up, Mimi frequently spent time on the boat with her dad, observing his sleepless nights first hand. Fast forward to today, the 27-year-old heterochromatic artist has applied a hustler attitude to the way she attacks each day. Whether she is painting, sketching, watercoloring, shipping artwork across the world, working on large murals, or answering emails at 3am, Mimi’s work ethic is apparent in both the quality of her art and the way that she lives her life.

From afar, one may not assume that Mimi is an artist. But once you get closer, you’ll notice her paint-stained hands, feet, and clothes. Mimi takes a process-oriented approach to her artwork, enjoying the road to completion just as much as the end piece. Her art reflects her personality–fun, bold, colorful, and confident.  Alongside her easel, you will find bubbles and lollipops as she believes in making her work fun which surely contributes to the overall look and feel of her art.

Her art reflects her personality–fun, bold, colorful and confident.

Although living in the city has it’s benefits–a constant sensory exploration and a large diversity of interesting people–it does become draining. As a release and a means of finding inspiration, Mimi routinely escapes to the wilderness. Whether she is car camping or pitching a tent next to a rushing river or overlooking a mountain range, the painter, sketcher, and watercolor artist treats her time outside as a way to produce her art free from distraction and as a way to stimulate herself spiritually. Clearly, the subject of her art is a representation of the beauty and value that nature provides her but, only once you meet Mimi, will you sense the effect that the natural world has on the core of who she is.

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This story was produced exclusively for as part of the Basin and Range Unscripted Series. In collaboration with our client, we’ve captured a collection of four distinct human stories aimed to inspire creativity and celebrate diverse backgrounds, encouraging you to venture outside. To learn more about Mimi Kvinge and her artistic perspective, check out the full length film below.

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Understanding the dichotomist relationship between the city and nature, Mimi Kvinge seeks benefits from both and the role that they can play in her artwork and overall life.

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