The Locals Project is a tight-knit group of filmmakers, photographers and designers. Our focus is on the lifestyles of homegrown athletes and artists around the country. We find folks with the lifestyle that most of us only dream about. To make this happen, we’ve set out to identify the people and places best suited to capture these stories. The end result: a continuing collection of stories, imagery and footage that captures the essence of our featured characters and the places they live.

The unpredictability of each feature provides our audience with true emotion, spanning beyond the strict, action-heavy imagery that saturates the web today. Our focus on relationship-building with each character allows our audience to relate their own experiences with ours. By using the latest technology in film, photography, and design, we provide quality and engaging content across digital and print platforms while allowing ourselves to focus on what matters most – The story.

Video Production

Our full service production team creates meaningful content with industry-leading technology.


The variety in our photos creates a dynamic blend of beauty, emotion and an honest interpretation of culture.

Visual Design / UX

We craft beautiful stories through simple, clean & high impact designs.

Creative Storytelling

Storytelling is the heart and soul of what we do. Our stories engage our audience through multiple platforms and mediums.

Post Production

Post-Production is the texture that further immerses our audience. We place great emphasis on editing, color and sound design to produce top notch content.

Brand Strategy

Our team works directly with our clients to develop a cohesive strategy that separates brands from their competitors.


Brands we work with

Our Crew

We're a team of photographers, filmmakers, designers, and athletes.